Stars rewarding your passion

A Blockchain-powered sports platform that rewards your engagement

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Social media now is broken, interaction is not efficient and value is not shared with the rightful owners.

  • Shallow relationshipsDecline of engagement.
  • No value sharingFeeling of unfairness.
  • OvercentralizationLack of transparency.


Your platform to engage with sports stars and be rewarded to access exclusive experiences.

  • Content feedAll your star’s content in one place
  • Reward systemGet rewarded for your engagement.
  • MarketplaceExclusive experiences created by stars for you.

Our approach for fans

A unique way of visualizing content about sports stars and a social buying experience with an embedded blockchain-based rewards & loyalty program thought for sports fans.

  • A unique way to engage with your beloved stars.
  • A seamless way to get rewards by interacting with content in Olyseum and other social networks.
  • Access to an exclusive marketplace of unique products and experiences created by stars

Our approach for sports stars and brands

A publishing platform for creating and offering rewards for the fan engagement, bringing an innovative way to reach and interact with their audiences and fan bases.

  • Engage more closely with fans and grow the community.
  • A way to generate real value from social networks
  • A fair and easy way to share value with fans.
  • For Brands, a transparent way to reach and incentivize stars and their fans.
Stars and Brands

Our approach

Olyseum is a platform to reward social loyalty, in a marketplace full of unique experiences, while bringing fans and sports stars closer than ever together.

Content feed

One feed to rule them all. All content from your favorite sports stars in a single place. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram plus exclusive updates.


Earn OLY tokens through a blockchain-based loyalty program that rewards your engagement.


Access unique experiences created by stars for you. Use your OLYs in exchange for limited products, such as live conversations and dinners with your stars, VIP tickets and signed merchandise.

Content feedWalletMarketplace

The team behind Olyseum

The founders

Carlos Grenoir
Carlos Grenoir
President and Chief Executive Officer

Ph.D. applicant in Computer Science and Telecommunications, Master in Information Security and Neuroscience. Focused on intelligent and collaborative systems. Entrepreneur, co-founded Quantum Fields Technologies and created Olyseum.

Carles Puyol
Carles Puyol
Co-founder and Vice President

F. C. Barcelona football team former captain, a natural leader and a legend, he has won every big competition in football, as a World Cup, six National Spanish LaLiga leagues, three UEFA Champions League and two FIFA Club World Cup. Public speaker, entrepreneur, Olyseum Team Captain and recruiter.

Andrés Iniesta
Andrés Iniesta
Co-founder and First Idol-Community

F. C. Barcelona football team former captain, he won some of the biggest titles on football, including a World Cup, the best player of the UEFA European Championship, best player of the match on two World Cups and was nominated many times to a Golden Ball.

Kevin Mitnick
Kevin Mitnick
Co-founder and Security Advisor

The most famous hacker in the world, security guru and consultant, public speaker and author of bestsellers. Does security consulting for Fortune 500 companies and the FBI, performs penetration testing services for the world’s largest companies and teaches Social Engineering classes to dozens of companies and government agencies. Founder of Mitnicksecurity.

Iván de la Peña
Iván de la Peña
Co-founder and Advisor

F. C. Barcelona and R. C. D. Espanyol former player, one of the most technical players in the world, he won a UEFA Super Cup, a National LaLiga league, three spanish King’s Cup, a Spanish Super Cup and an Italian Super Cup.

Jan Aramburu
Jan Aramburu
Co-founder and Board member

Graduated in Information Technology and Business Management, specializing in Marketing and Business applied to distribution and eBusiness. After his stint as marketing and business director of National Geographic, Taurus Group and Kappa Spain Sports, he is in charge of the Business and Marketing Department of Olyseum.

Ramon Sostres
Ramon Sostres

Lawyer, former inspector of the Spanish Public Treasury, representative of high level footballers and specialist in sports management. Ramón is a recognized businessman and part of the shareholder, in charge of supervising the legal area, taxation and business strategy.

Enric Flix
Enric Flix

Founder of Miapuesta.com, one of the most successful online betting platforms of the last decade. Executive MBA at EADA and an entrepreneurial expert and online project mentor, he collaborates as an advisor. Accumulate international experience in the sports, entertainment and online marketing sectors.

Crèdit Andorrà Bank
Crèdit Andorrà Bank
Seed investor

Crèdit Andorrà is the biggest bank in Andorra and led the seed round of Olyseum, becoming an equity investor in 2017, after studying the business model and blockchain innovations related with advertisement and rewards. The bank will help the company to grow and will provide an important influx to its international operations.

The team