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Olyseum was founded by accomplished computer scientist and neuroscientist Carlos Grenoir, CEO, and world renowned computer security guru Kevin Mitnick, who serves as the company’s Chief Security Officer. The pair founded Olyseum alongside former FC Barcelona players Carles Puyol and Iván de la Peña.

Our Team

Meet some of the amazing team members that are working tirelessly to make Olyseum shine!

Carlos Grenoir

CEO & Co-founder

Ivan Payan


Jan Aramburu

CFO & Co-founder

Andy Kleine

Head of Partnerships

Lorcan Byrne

Head of Communications

Eloi Hernández

Head of Product

Alex Loan

Star Acquisition

Flore Cavayé

Business Developer

Núria Bonet

Key Account Manager

Miguel Ángel


Erik Marçal

Star Acquisition

Josu Moreno


Adrián Cuesta


Our Advisors

Olyseum’s star-studded Advisory Board comprises a team of serial entrepreneurs, global trailblazers, investment visionaries and technology thought leaders that have been hand-selected to guide Olyseum’s arc of growth now, and into the future. With a diverse background and unrivalled success track-record, our esteemed Advisory Board is firmly aligned with Olyseum’s overarching mission to fundamentally change the NFT narrative with the world’s first Non-fungible Story (NFS).