How can I buy NFTs when the Public Sale starts?

First, you will need to import or create a wallet on the Metamask app with OLY and/or ETH. Remember that the available funds must be enough to purchase your NFT and pay the network fees derived from the purchase.
Metamask is the most widespread wallet application. It is available as a browser extension or as an app on major app stores (Android and IOS).
To access the purchase page, you need to click on the “”BUY”” button at the top of our website. A menu will appear with the option to “”BUY OLY”” or “”BUY NFTS””, you will need to click on “”BUY NFTS”” to view the different purchase options available!
In addition to buying NFTs with OLY or ETH, you will also be able to purchase them using a credit/debit card through our new payment gateway!

How do I connect my wallet to the web?

To connect your wallet, click on the “”Connect”” button at the top, select the Metamask app and approve the connection in your wallet.
In order to enjoy the best experience on our platform and to access all features (watch episodes, access unique experiences, auditions, etc.) always keep your wallet connected.
Keep in mind that if you have multiple Metamask wallets, the wallet connected to our website must be the one in which you have your NFTs and/or OLY tokens.

Can I buy OLY directly from the website?

No. It is not possible for you to buy OLY directly from our website. However, if you click on the “BUY” button a menu will pop up with the option to “BUY OLY” or “BUY NFTS”. You will need to click on “Buy OLY” to view the different purchase options available!

Where do I receive my NFT if it is purchased by debit/credit card?

First, we will ask for your email address to send you a confirmation email. It will be sent directly to your inbox. You will need to open the email and confirm the purchase. Once this step has been completed a window will open where you will be able to see the wallet address associated with your email. All you have to do now is to enter your card number and purchase your NFT!

If I buy the NFT using OLY token, do I need to have ETH in my wallet to pay the transaction fees?

That’s correct! Although buying our NFTs with OLY gives you a direct 10% discount on the sale price, the Ethereum network fees must be paid with the native cryptocurrency, ETH.
Therefore, it is necessary that at the time of purchase your wallet has enough ETH to cover the network fees.

Why do I have to connect the wallet to the platform?

Your wallet must be connected to access all of the features on our website. Our NFTs and OLY tokens are the keys that unlock all of the content and exclusive features only available to holders!

What are NFTs for?

NFTs, in addition to being unique digital artworks, will give you the possibility to access a wide range of benefits and exclusive experiences just for holders! You will find more information about benefits and experiences on our website.

What is a gas fee?

The gas fee is the commission applied by the Ethereum network for its use. You have to pay a previously agreed-upon amount of ETH every time you make a transaction for it to be processed. These fees are external to the Olyverse and fluctuate depending on network congestion.

How can I contribute to the story?

In order to contribute to the story, you must hold OLY token in your wallet. The NFS’ director, Koldo Serra, will provide 3 different scenarios in which the story would take place and users will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite option using OLY.

Which kind of experiences do I have access to as a holder?

As a holder, you will have access to a wide range of experiences that will increase as time goes by. These can be found in the “”Experiences”” section.

If it is a physical experience, are the costs covered?

Each experience will come with its own set of conditions, you can view these in the conditions section under each experience.

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