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We started this journey into the unknown to build an ecosystem for deep connections and stellar experiences.


When former FC Barcelona stars Andrés Iniesta, Carles Puyol and Iván de la Peña joined forces with renowned neuroscientist Carlos Grenoir and world famous hacker Kevin Mitnick, their shared vision was to create a social ecosystem that rewarded fans for their loyalty and allow stars to be closer to their fan base.


The launch of our native OLY utility token in early 2021 set the ball in motion for a pulsating period of growth for the Olyseum ecosystem. During Q3 2021 we're going to be expanding access to $OLY by listing on a first big centralized exchange, starting marketing campaigns and releasing our platform for fans and stars. During Q4 2021 we will focus on adding features to our platform, marketing and expanding our stars network.


Olyseum aims to be the bridge between crypto and the mainstream, providing a gateway for millions of global fans to enter the crypto sphere. OLY tokens will fuel the evolution of the celebrity economy, making it more accessible and fan-centric, positioning itself as the go to ecosystem of choice for fans and stars.