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A star-led club that strengthens their connection with fans.

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xNFT Benefits

Olyseum has created the experiential NFT, with an extra layer of value. xNFTs allow stars and fans to live experiences and monetize engagement.

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xNFTs comprise exclusive experiences with star creators, opening the door to unprecedented levels of fan-star interactions and experiences that are in high demand.

What you can do

Connect your NFTs • Play our games • Earn rewards and experiences

Mystery Cards

To ensure that everyone has a chance at accessing the most prized xNFTs, some will be hidden in xNFT packs and accessible via Mystery Cards.


With a wide selection of xNFTs to choose from, fans can establish their own collections, ascend the rankings and earn exclusive experiences with their favourite stars.

Enter the Olyverse


Everyday online activities are encouraged, valued and rewarded in Olyseum and other partner platforms that are part of the Olyverse.

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OLY Token

An ERC-20 token that empowers fans and drives engagement monetization for stars.

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